Rescued and loved

I woke up with a start, disoriented it was dark and i realised i was not on a bed but sittting with my back against a wall. I was feeling cold and shivering. I tried to find my bearings and i wasn’t sure where i was. I couldn’t find anything in my mind that could explain why i was in this dark place.

I heard footsteps and a fear i wasn’t familiar with filled me. I wanted to scream but i couldn’t something was on my lips. Wait my lips are sealed and my legs are tied. What is going on. Then i heard it. A woman screaming so loud begging for her life. She wanted to survive. She kept crying out loud that i felt extremely sorry for her.

She was passing through my the door of the room i was in. I did not hear any other voices just hers. After she passed then there was silence. If silence could kill i would be dead. I was in a state of panic now. I felt like i couldn’t breathe. Where was i? Who brought me here? Why?

Unfortunately i couldn’t ask anyone, no one was there. No one paid attention to me. I was suffering alone in that dark room for wat felt like ages. I felt my blood draining and all my energy exhausted. I thought of everything, all the possible scenarios but came up with nothing. I tried to stomp my feet but nothing was there. No one heard me.

I felt a strange feeling, wait why am i wet? Is that blood? Is that pee? Wait i was actually bleeding. Where is the blood coming from? That’s when i started feeling it. The pain in my body, it felt like i had been assaulted and thrown into this room unconscious but who would do this to me.

My hands were full of cuts and my legs too. I was barefooted and my thighs hurt so bad. Can someone tell me what’s going on. My heart hurts, it feels as if it’s going to explode. I can’t breathe well. I can’t gasp for air and then all went blank and darkness completely covered me.

You know the feeling you get after having had run after a long time without exercising. Your muscles are bleeding internally and you just feel pain all over. You can’t pinpoint where exactly. That’s what i was feeling when i saw her. My mother. She was looking so beautiful dressed in white and her eyes were filled with so much pain.

She was sort of smiling but the sad kind of smile and she hugged me. I felt it to my bones. Finally help was here. Finally some explanation and healing. I felt something cold falling on me and i realized she is crying too. I felt peaceful in her arms. Is she going to call an ambulance or the police. How did she find me? Does she know that this is a dangerous place?

The realization made me panic, she needs to get out of here? I tried to tell her but she shushed me and i understood. She was here for me and not going anywhere. She hugged me fiercely and kept kissing my head. She kept on patting my head rocking back and forth trying to ease my pain whilst waiting for help.

I remember feeling content that someone is here and help is here. I clutched onto her like my life depended on it. My mind started to relax and i start to drift to sleep and that’s when i heard it…. Waiting for you Anpanman!!!!! My alarm ringing tone… and i woke up with a start.😴😥😓 it’s time to go to work.

What a rollercoaster dream!!!!!

At least i hugged my mum, it really felt so real, up to this day I always wonder what that was all about and I get goosebumps because it looked so real.

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