About painting and efforts

So some day in January before my flu case my boss who is my friend came to my house with her painting that she did for fun and she was not confident in it but her maid was so into it. She loved it. I honestly loved it to. She gave me paint and the canvas and said please paint white over mine and do something on this canvas for my maid and let’s give her a nice painting.

Well to be honest all along i always draw and paint stuff for myself and Tatenda and i was never confident because i do it for fun. I do it to release stress and to pass time during the weekends when i normally don’t have anything to do. I used to go out for Sunday walks or tea with the girls but then the pandemic i decided to take up painting and i enjoy it.

So yeah wow what a mission i took up, i’m not a professional but i was like okay i like a challenge, i will do it. I have never done anything on a big canvas too, i always do on painting pads or water color paper or once or twice i did small canvases and decided it was too difficult. As you can see that was too big.

That was given to me January 3rd and i only finished it now today March 28th 😁😁😁 i really hope she is not disappointed because i really tried my best. I hope she will give me points for effort and passion 🙏.

This is the end result and i owe it to this link from youtube here

Like I said E for effort and P for passion and T for trying my best 😁😁😁😁…. i really hope she loves it, i will send it tomorrow. Its my first ever big canvas painting that is not a drawing and i will do one drawing for her for apology for late submission. I hope she appreciates it.

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