Kookie my love

So Kookie has been sick right and then one of my friends said to me ah even if she dies there are so many strays here u can just get one and replace her. OMG can people be any more insensitive. I was hurt but I just replied and said but she would not be kookie I just want my kookie but in my mind i was screaming can i say the same about your kids. You can just adopt streetkids if one of yours die.

I have had kookie since she was two weeks old. She had fleas and ticks. She could not even walk and she was just mine. I got her when i was at a difficult time in my life. I was sick people said hypothyroidism but early stages. I could not even do much but lie down. She helped come back to life. I would wake up every 3 to 4 hours to feed her. I would play a little with her even if i was running out of breath but it became the exercises that I needed to get better.

Turns out I did not have hypothyroidism after all my vitals were just momentarily low and they returned to normal. My moods improved and my anxiety for a moment was manageable. Kookie did that, for once I had a reason to live. And then someone said even if its cancer and she dies just find another cat. How can people be this insensitive 😔

I read a comment on YouTube about someone whose dog was sick and she was wasting away daily and they could not help her. The person was so depressed and I felt so bad for them. A pet is like a friend you never knew u needed but now that you have them you can’t imagine a world without them. I love kookie so much. She is my world and my best friend. We do have our moods as girls and don’t play but we are generally always together.

She has recovered completely now. I am so happy and I am so grateful to God who restored her health completely. Thank God her parents are alive and healthy so she doesn’t have cancer as well. The vet said a lot of cats in this region die of leukemia a lot and was worried about it. Turns out it was her first heat and she was teething as well. What a relief it was, i really was able to breathe again. It has been a strange but wonderful year. I have seen many miracles.

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