Asian drama review 2021 pt 1

So this year started with a bang and I want to thank God that I have a renewed love for tv shows again. This is a really good distraction for people who are looking to pass time and not watch news. I am a recovering news addict. I have actually disabled my google news feeds on my phone not permanently but I only read once a week now. Anyways it was a tough decision that once I made it I discovered my first tv series of the year. So let’s…

Sisyphus: the myth

Couple of the century

The ratings for this and the hype was so much lower than i expected and the series was extremely good. I read on mdl some people saying even Park shin Hye was not able to save this drama. Are u for real people? I loved this, i understood everything and the chemistry was off the charts. Tae sul’s acting was just amazing. The character development was extraordinary πŸ‘Œ. This drama was everything i needed and more. Its centered around tae sul who was a genius and created a time machine 😁 however the FL goes back in time to try and stop him from doing that as it destroys their world. Every Seo hae in every time falls for tae sul omoooo swoooning right now. The love story kept happening with every time line. I loved the romance part of this action packed drama. Their chemistry was just amazing. I hope i find a love like this one day.

The father daughter relationship was amazing they had great coordination and bond. But then again they were stuck together for many years.
Someone said that Tae sul was the male damsel in distress saved by a kickass female hero… olalala i loved it

Itaewon class

I love Park Seo Jun so much and i was sad when my anxiety kept me from watching this series for a long time. I am so glad i finally watched it this year. I had really missed out big time. This drama deserved everything. Even though the characters were stubborn from beginning to end i was able to overlook it. The message they wanted to send i think i got it. I loved this drama. I did not like the FL so much though. One of the guys said that pride is for the rich if you are poor its just stubborn stupidity. It hit me hard as we were just discussing with some of my friends about how if you would keep your pride and not humble yourself even if it meant losing everything or you will just kneel and say sorry just so you can move on. Food for thought.

Was it love?

Some eye candy from was it love

I sort of like it. I watched it for the ML the writer, chakanim. I love that his acting style is one of my favorites. I remember him from my secret terrius. The FL was another story, i just could not like her no matter how much i tried. I found myself asking myself if i would ever hide from my child who her father is just because i have a problem with the father? I think every child deserves time with their parents and every man needs to be given a chance to stay or leave their child but they need to know. I can not stand robbing my kid having a father cos i hate that dude. But then i have not been in a situation like that before so i get why i am frustrated. Who knows maybe i would do the same but God help me. I did not get how all these 4 men loved her like that i mean, she wasn’t that pretty at all. But maybe my jealousy is calling cos tbh those men are super fineee.

Graceful family

What a mess it was

Well this one was a rollercoaster ride. I wish i could go in detail of how this drama was without spoilers but I can not you have to watch it to understand how good this was for me. It revolves around the MC family, they are a conglomerate and they obviously rich, dramatic and dysfunctional. I did not like the FL and her impulsive behavior and the naΓ―ve lawyer character, both leads which was not a good sign. I am actually surprised that they won in the end without much character development. Irl nothing like that would actually win but its a drama so its expected.

I hated how people were selfish to the end. This drama sort of touted that suicide is an option to avoid responsibility. Everyone sort of just ended up dying one way or another. I hated that but that is all, other than that everything else was just well written and well portrayed. I loved the plot twist i was on the edge of my seat the whole time screaming and sighing. It is worth the time. I’m glad i watched it. You will not believe the plot twist, i really screamed so much, when you think huh now they are not going to have anything interesting then booom something crazy happens, the secrets…mmm i was entertained for real.

Hello its me

I watched it for the male lead but ended up falling for the female lead as well

Time travel drama. Well i hate this trope but i loved this drama. I hated the girl who came from the past. She was too childish and then present day girl was too pathetic but her character development and healing was just beautiful to watch. The chaebol dude also turned his life around for that girl and grew up… as expected but it was just amazing to watch. I laughed and cried and just a good show. The girl from the past helped the girl in the present to be great once again, the importance of dreaming to remember your childish dreams before life told you that you can’t and she did it. It was amazing to learn and laugh whilst watching this.

Marry him if you dare

I fell for Kim shin so hard legend says im still falling to this day

Another time travel drama, beats me 😁.I almost dropped it after reading mixed reviews on mdl. However i am so happy i watched this drama. It was worth my time. I hated the ending though. I thought it was vague. I loved Se Joo and now i have a renewed crush on Jung Yong Hwa. Amazing. I loved how much Kim Shin developed from this cold guy into someone i can date and settle down with, I’m talking marriage, with kids 2.0 and i mean i can see us happy already, Kim Shin is my man y’all, Announcer nim. I kept asking myself who i would have chosen if i was Mirae. I liked both men so much, i was easily swayed both ways. Maybe a vague ending was the only way to end it. Both men were extremely my style. I hated the lady who time travelled so much. So manipulative and idiotic but i guess ahjuma portrayed her role perfectly.

The good question is… would you go back in time to tell your past self to not make the same mistakes that you did if given a chance? For me the answer is a NO. I don’t regret everything I went through bad or good it was my beautiful journey, i may still be healing from it but its necessary for my character growth, my younger self deserves to go through her own mistakes and victories without my interference and that will make her happy in her own time with her own efforts.

Currently watching: Vincenzo, Search: WWW and my absolute boyfriend

I can watch almost everything with Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, Park Seo Jun and Park Shin Hye.

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