Dear Mum

I just discovered that u were born on the 1st of May and you died on the 28th of May. How do i get through May without you. Each year i used to think that May was difficult for me because usually that is when winter starts, so when i get sick and all i was like season changes. Now i know it has nothing to do with that because winter started in April in the past 2 years and May is always tough.

By unwell mum i mean, i feel down, i miss you, i feel lonely and i just think of you daily. One would think after 29 years i would be used to missing you and would have forgotten you already. May is tough. I have learnt the importance of parents. People tell me ah Sharoe you should just pray amd ask God. I have no problem with that…I actually do that a lot however God can not hug me or even if He listens I want to cuddle and pour my heart out and accept tissues to wipe away my tears. I need to be told hey no worries i am here for you without my doubts creeping in and telling me yoi are alone. Sometimes you need that hug and all.

Mum I’m writing to you because i miss you, that’s all. Last week was mother’s day. A lot went through my mind. If you had been alive how would we have celebrated this day? How would you have aged? How would have my life turned out if you were here? Would i have been a strong girl or a weak and always positive girl? Would i be feeling loved and cared for? Would we be best friends or estranged? 😀 i would like to think we would be the bestest of friends. I wonder how your hug feels? I bet it’s so warm and comfy.

I love you ma and i want to thank you for being born in this world and for giving birth to me. Even if our time was so short i still am grateful to have been born as your firat born child.

Happy belated mother’s day and happy belated birthday. Also I celebrate 29 years since your departure and promotion to glory. I am sure you would have been a proud mother.

Until we meet again

I will still be loving you ❤


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