Medical drama craze

So i have recently gone through a crazy period where I just wanted to watch Korean medical dramas. It’s gone now of course and it was quite healing. Some ignited a passion of poems, the others made feel butterflies and I can promise you, it was a good feeling. I also realized that revenge is not only a weak person’s mentality but it gets you no where… it just delays your healing as you keep on holding onto a pain that you need to let go. I am so glad I went through this phase.

Devilish Joy

It started with this drama. I liked the concept the actors and everything about this drama. Unfortunately it was not really a medical drama but the lead actor was a doctor and he was an heir to the hospital business that his family owned. It was so heartwarming and the next thing I know I was looking for a sweet story to match the vacuum this drama created and found myself watching doctors. This drama had all the clichés in the drama world, love at first sight, great chemistry between the leads. Then he had and accident and then he had amnesia and he forgot her. He had Cinderella Amnesia Syndrome, which is the inability to form new memories. He forgot everything as soon as he wakes up. I loved this one more than I expected to.


This was amazing. I really fell in love with the main lead from the first episode. It was the most healing of all the medical dramas I watched. The female lead held a grudge based on a medical accident that led to the death of her grandmother. She did not enjoy life at all. She was a talented surgeon and so pretty but her revenge plans were just hindering her life and she did not see it. The male lead was so good to her. He supported her through and through and I just need someone like that in my life. Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won did an excellent job with this one. Definitely a rewatch.


I watched this after doctors because I had a weird feeling that I needed something more but less romantic. I needed the medical drama at least one more time but you know what, it was sooo good that when it ended I wanted a season 2. This drama exceeded all my expectations and I found a new crush, Cho Seung Won, I wasn’t he great in Sisyphus with Park Shin Hye? He is so my type (jokes). Well the OST was also amazing, the song I’m fine and Home can not go without being mentioned. These songs were on loop for at least 2 weeks during and after watching Life. I felt really good listening to ” drive me home of my own…. please do check on it, it is so good. The bromance in here was so heart warming and the friendship between one of the ML and FL, their friendship was so pure. I mean you need to watch it to understand what I mean.

Romantic doctor 1

Fresh from the drama life I had to keep going and I found this gem. The leads were broken people but that justice it so healing. As they healed their patients and went through their challenges I found myself working through my issues too. The other had a grudge and a victim mentality which led him to make stupid decisions that only drew him back from good things. I found so much of myself in the Male lead ( Yoo Yoon Seok). I really wanted to hug him when he was accused of neglect of a patient yet he didn’t want to forgive the doctor who neglected his father to his death. Well I can relate to him in so many ways. The FL (Seo Hyun Jin) wanted to die and she was so sad she really did her role justice. Han Suk Kyu who is the dr romantic was my ultimate favorite, his smile was just too good. However I hate his know it all mentality 😒 that was just too much. But I could not hate him. He was just soo good.

Romantic doctor 2

From season one the normal thing was to watch season 2 which was good and I learnt a lot but the rewatch value is pretty low. Same broken student who have pride as high as mt Kilimanjaro but the character development was just so good. I grew a lot from their stories. The best part was when Dr Kim told Dr Park that he needs to get off the bus. It happened 10 years ago but seemed like Dr Park was still holding on to the trauma from the bus accident. He felt judged but no one was judging him. I deeply felt it. I actually stopped watching and sat down to evaluate that message. I wrote down my thoughts and really meditated on this message. I am one person who needed to get off the bus and set myself free.

Hospital Playlist

After such a train wreck of Dr Kim’s shenanigans I watched this light and happy drama. I know season 2 is airing but I will see if I will watch the season after its available on Netflix. I really watched this because I wanted more of Yoon-Seok ha ha. I liked his character but I was like wow does he really want to be a priest and felt like the ending was weird. He was surrounded by selfish people and I still think letting him drop being a priest for a girl was the weirdest thing ever. He was not going to make it as a priest anyways if he couldn’t overcome the temptation. Its sad really. The drama was good though, I enjoyed the beauty of the friendships herein and I wish I had friends like those too.

A poem a day

This was such a sweet ride, I have not watched anything this good since then, and that is like almost 2 weeks now. I loved the poems they really spoke to me. I think this is a drama that everyone needs after a long stressful day. The poems are so good. Please see below two of my favorite poems and where you can find the rest of the poems if you are interested. The acting was good but unfortunately I do not remember any soundtracks, I guess they were not memorable. There is a possible second lead syndrome but I wanted her to end up with who she ended up with so it was a happy ending.

Pain and Sadness Can Also Become a Path
by Lee Chul Hwan

I realized this after a long time of pain.
That pain can also become a path.
There is no life where no wind blows.
The wind must blow, so that the tree will root deep inside the earth,
so that it won’t fall over.
That is why the wind shakes the trees.
That is why the wind shakes all of us.
Pain can also become a path.
Sadness can also become a path.

by Jung Yeon Bok

There is no person in this world who was never hurt.
Being covered in scratches after a long day
is just life.
Let’s not hide our pain.
We’re only human because we’re hurt.
Wounds can only be healed alongside another wound.

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