Healing quotes

So i found these pictures on BTS weverse, someone posted them and i thought i need to keep these as they helped me a lot. They are so good for someone who is looking to heal. I felt like someone had to say it and i have to believe it and sadly or fortunately I believe it. I am healing and I am falling in love with the kind of person that I am becoming.

I have decided to write down my thoughts as I read these pictures with beautiful quotes. There are a set of thoughts/affirmations below each quote. Sadly i do not know who posted them so i am not able to give them credit. Weverse always refreshes too soon and i lost them.


I am enough, 
I am worth it,
I am a success,
I am not alone,
I am loved,
I am happiness,
I am the embodiment of peace,
I am strong,
I am able to do more than I think.
I am brave,
I will not give up
I am strong
I will do it
I will make it
I am on an exciting journey
Life is an adventure
I will always keep my head up and my shoulders straight
I know who I am
I am perfect the way that I am
Everything I need i already have
I am making the best use of everything that i have right now to achieve my goals
I am happy
I am content

This was hit me right in the feels. As someone who thinks that I am difficult to love. I even believe the quote that says “To live alone is the fate of all great souls.” – Arthur Schopenhauer. I have been told that I am complicated a lot and so in the end I believed it. My mum’s death at some point i believed was my fault. So i did believed that I was a difficult person to love. Early on in my life i was told that I will die alone because I am not easy to love, I am rude and a stick up. So as an adult i would always sabotage my relationships so they don’t work. If i have a date i make up excuses to not attend, because it will never work out anyways, since I am difficult to love.

However i would like to believe that I am a good person
I am surrounded by love and joy
I am easy to love and i deserve to be loved
I am filled with love and forgiveness
I am fine,
I am reaching for the stars and beyond the sky is my limit
I can do everything I set my mind to do
I am beautiful
I am kind
I have a good heart
I am happiness
All things work together for my good
As i work hard the universe helps me to get to where I need to get,new doors keep on opening for me, new paths I create as I go
I have lots of energy that i need to be on this journey,
I rest when i get tired, and then I pick up when i feel rested.

As always keep well and stay safe. I hope you enjoyed these affirmations coming from a broken soul trying her best to heal and be fine 🙂, in this restless world.

I am fine!!!


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