About my master’s degree

Hi, I trust that you are all well.

I would like to ask for help to fund my Master’s degree. I started it last month but I have met obstacles as one of my sponsors pulled out. I have tried to work and raise money but I am falling short still, I have a long way to go. I am studying Msc in Global Business with Higher School of Economics in Russia.

I really want to pursue this program, I have found a whole new purpose as I am discovering a lot about myself through this program. My confidence as a young manager is being boosted up and I am learning a lot. I love doing research and drawing my own conclusions and this institution helps a lot with that. I would postpone it but I am already 32 and feeling so discouraged because I cannot afford my tuition because I am still an accountant even after 9 years of experience. At some point we all need to get a promotion and start managing and doing reports but at the moment my responsibilities still lie in data capturing first before generating anything else.

I really feel demotivated because I have been stagnant for too long. I have in the past 8 years applied to so many Universities all over the world, but of the first 12 I was only admitted by Hult which charged $75000 per year. I could not afford it obviously. So I kept looking and finally got admitted, I am so happy and really want to pursue this.

In the previous year I spent all my savings on the medical bills from when I was struggling with clinical depression and anxiety. I had lots of side effects so I kept changing pills until I tried to stop them and it backfired. I spent a lot to be well, from energy, emotions and money. That is why I can not afford to pay my fees.

The 10000 that I am trying to raise here is basically for the tuition fees and the international term. According to the embassy of Austria I need 3000eur to be able to get a visa, same with the Italian embassy(another 3000). So before I leave my country I need 6000eur in my bank account, I actually need it for my visa application. This term is important for this degree program and I was told that I have to be present for this semester. Information about this program can be found here. My tuition fees that I still owe is about $4000. It amounts to 190000rub per year and for the first year I paid 90000 so it remains 190 for second year and 100 for the first year.

I need to apply for my visa before 30th of November 2021.

I would really appreciate a donation of any amount as it will go a long way for me. It will mean a lot for me to be able to be graduate in this program, my dream of being a global business manager would have come true.

If you would like to help me or share my link with people you feel they would like to help me, I have created a go fund me page here.

Thank you so much for always hearing me out and giving me a platform to cry my heart out and feel normal.

Update: – thank you for your kindness, I will not be going through with this program because I had to sign some contracts today but I did not have any assurance that i will have the money so I could not tie myself to obligations that I would not be able to fulfill. My dream will wait some more, I am just going to need to make the fire inside of me to die down. It is well.

Thanks again

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