Dear You

You who is struggling with mental illness
You who death has torn apart, piece by piece until all that is left is broken pieces
You who cries in darkness and smiles throughout the day,
You who is exhausted from trying anything and everything but still failing to make ends meet.
I mean to talk to you who was rejected by your father, you who doesn’t know how a man can love you,
You who was abandoned in the street by your mum, you who never felt how amazing a mother’s embrace can feel.
You who has heard of how good it feels to be around family, but cannot make sense of it since you do not have any family.

You who feels all alone even surrounded by family and people
You whose voice they never listen to,
You who has been broken, stepped on, torn apart but still picked up the pieces and carried yourself to continue on this journey without falling apart.
I mean You who hasn’t bathed in days, who hasn’t brushed teeth in weeks because it takes a lot of energy to leave your bed.
You who hasn’t opened their curtains to let the sun in,
You who has not left the house in months, imprisoned by the dark thoughts that devour you all day and all night, screaming for help but no one hears you.

You who is forgotten, written off, disposed, I mean You who they said is a waste of time, completely useless.
You who has been called rude and all sorts of words,
You who thinks their life is over and done with.
You who has been thrown in the trash too many times
I mean You, who doesn’t believe that God exists for surely if He did life would not have treated you this way.

You who thinks no one can ever understand you, because problems seem bigger than everyone’s and you feel rejected by nature,
You who feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel,
You who yearns to be a mother but have failed to reproduce no matter how many times you have tried,
You who wants to start a family but has no one to start it with,
You who is trapped by fear and anxiety, deeply hidden in the throes of depression,
You who is afraid to speak out for fear of judgement,
You who is hiding a dark secret for fear of being betrayed, You who knows betrayal like no other,
I mean You who has just buried your own kid, when all you wanted was to see them grow and bury you,
You who has nothing but complaints on your tongue…

This is from someone who has been burnt too many times,
trusted too many wrong people,
danced with the devil & dined with the wolves in sheeps clothing..
escaped death a couple of times.
Me who has been a lone soul from the day I was born,
Someone who has never been heard since the beginning;

You are doing great!!!!!
I see your struggles, you are doing great, keep on trying one step at a time,
Just hang in there a little bit, there surely is a light at the end of the tunnel.
You are not in this alone.
You will realize that a lot of other people are going through it too.
May you find help when you need it the most,
May you find strength and may you speak out in unfair circumstances.
May you get the energy to rest when you are tired.
May your guardian angel find you on time,
I pray you hang in there and surely they will find you.
Peace and Joy are just around the corner.
A happy ending is possible,
That day will surely come for you, just hold on a little bit tighter,
Without you here a happy ending will not be possible, we need you…

Our story is not over yet!!!!

It is going to be fine.

You are not alone.

I hope this finds you, You who needed this

Here’s to hoping for good days to come🥂🥂💜💜💜

All my love

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