Quick update

Dear Mum

Hi mum, i hope this letter finds you well. I have decided to write to you more often. We do not talk a lot, i mean we never talk, mostly its just me saying this and that. I want to have you as my shoulder to lean on so i hope you find this, i hope you read it. I hope you watch over me and know that i am safe and okay… most of the times.

2021 started out well for me. I was in a beautiful place but then anxiety wrecked havoc for me, the i went on a downward spiral, it got worse before it actually improved and I am happy to report that i have been enjoying life recently. I actually enjoy my day to day. I have gone out a couple of times and my life is generally better. Of course i get help from a few pills but i mean a lot of people do right? Dr F is back and this time he gave me good medicine so I am actually happy. I do not have any long side effects.

Starting this year i wanted to lose weight and i am working on that still. I am not worried about it though. I started doing boxing and I am loving it. I have a home gym so even when anxiety says stay with me don’t go out i can just say oh don’t worry im just in the next room, nothing will happen. It makes me feel safe. Mum I am actually happier than i have been in a longtime.

I have revisited my goal for my life I am planning how to achieve the dreams that had been onhold because of my endless battle with depression. I am working towards a future that i never used to see before. I am so grateful because of that. I trust God with my life, i believe He knows what i need and when i will get it. He knows my name and protects me, and keep me safe.

Mum, i miss you less these days. Sometimes i wish you were here with me but that cannot be helped. If I could get one day with you what would I do? I have no idea but I am sure 24hrs will never be enough for what I need to say and learn from you. Ooops I am older than you now 😁😁 i have more experience than you isn’t it? I am in my thirties and you were only in your twenties when you left. Oooooo man, but still, just because you are my mum you automatically qualify to be the wisest person I know. 😉

So mum, my wise mum, i want you to know that i love you and appreciate you.

Bye for now


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