Day 4

Gratitude month

Good morning Holy Spirit

Today I am grateful for the Holy Spirit. He has been by my side day and night. He has been my friend and my comforter. He has wiped away my tears, enveloped me when I needed it and prayed for me when I couldn’t pray for myself. As I sat down and cried, the Holy Spirit who knows the mind of God cried out to God with me and He heard my prayers.

I have a comforter with me, that I always forget to acknowledge. Today i am so grateful for my comforter and my friend. I am still alive and well fed because He has refused to leave me alone. I am not abandoned or forsaken because the Holy Spirit is with me.

Today I celebrate and remember all the good things that happened to me because the Holy Spirit prayed on my behalf when i was weak, or because the Holy Spirit whispered to me what I needed to do. Where will i be without you?

Thank you so much. I do not take this for granted. I am so grateful.

I love you always…


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