Things that make me smile

Gratitude month day 5

Wow i used to smile a lot and i used to have pride in my attitude towards life in general until now I am struggling to find things that can make me smile. I have the courage to change and i need to try harder. I will keep working hard for myself until i get there.

Today I am grateful for the following that always put a smile on my face without failure. Everytime I feel sad I always seek these out and they never disappoint.

This year there was a time I was just tired and sad and I came across this program from a South Korean channel Mnet called Kingdom: Legendary war. I was like what is this let me try it out and see if its something i would like. 10 episodes is not a lot so let me go for it. Well its 1.5hr to 3hr episodes hahaha. I will never forget the feeling i got from this. My heart still get excited if think of this moment.

The first episode performances were amazing and to be honest I only had heard of The Boyz, Stray kids and SF9 but never paid any attention to them. I knew of Ikon, Btob and my favourite Ateez. I really decided to watch since I am Atiny. I went into this program like that and came out a stay-atiny-fantasy. Well of course I already knew the other groups but man there is nothing amazing about learning new stuff.

August until school started in October, I was preoccupied with learning and dicovering their names, their music, the variety shows, then the Vlives and other content. It was a great feeling. I did not have time to sit and feel depressed. I was always screaming like a little girl. I had so much fun.

It sounds stupid to be grateful for such a thing but if you have never been in a dark place for extended periods of time you will never understand what this program did for me. I was making good progress at work because I was excited and listening to the new music from the new groups. I was also trying to identify them (took all my idle time) such that before I know it I’m sleepy and its the following day. The cycle repeats.

My favourite songs from this will be;

Love Poem by Mayfly V

Back door by Btob

Answer an ode to Joy – Ateez

Inception – Ikon

I am forever grateful for this television programme until now i still watch it and listen to their music they sang on the show. They never stop to make me smile. Along the way I obviously found other things to keep me in the current state but this programme was the one that daved me from drowning. I am truly grateful and thank you Mnet people.

Love, S

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