When will i ever stop

Dear Mum Today i just want to rant to you about how i never seem to stop missing you. Today i was asking myself if i will ever stop. Last sunday was mother’s day and everyone was talking about how amazing their mothers were and how they took care of them and bla bla bla. […]

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To my siblings

Dear My Siblings We might be siblings by birth or by fate, but today i wanted to appreciate you. I would like to thank you so much for your contributions in my life. You played major roles directly and indirectly. My story is incomplete without mentioning everyone of you. My story will never be remembered […]

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Dear Jonghyun

I know if you’re reading this you’re probably wondering well where did she come from. I don’t know too. I will tell you my background to this letter. I am a fan that came in late, and i am sad i never got know you realtime. I’m still happy that i now know you though […]

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Dear Cecilia

Hi there little one. I call you littleĀ one because since the last time i saw you in 2003 when you were 7 i imagine that is how u still look like. Do you continue to grow even when u gone to the other side? hmm i don’t know. I remember on the 7th of september […]

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Dear Dad

Dear Dad Today I celebrate 15 years since you were promoted to glory. I mean I can hardly believe that it has been that long yet it seems only like yesterday that I was told that you have passed on. I will never forget that fateful day in 2002, a week after I had visited […]

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