Healing quotes

So i found these pictures on BTS weverse, someone posted them and i thought i need to keep these as they helped me a lot. They are so good for someone who is looking to heal. I felt like someone had to say it and i have to believe it and sadly or fortunately I […]

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Thank you!!!!

Day 1 of gratitude month My life has been quite a rollercoaster ride. I was up and then I was down. I moved a lot as a kid. I belonged to everyone and I’m glad to be alive and well. I am grateful to be the person that I am now. Looking back on why […]

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I Changed

Excuse me, since this where i discuss my drama i would like to go on a journey to discover the moment I changed and see if i can undo my sad. I seem to look at my past a lot but I have my reasons. I feel my past is holding me captive and stopping […]

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