Medical drama craze

So i have recently gone through a crazy period where I just wanted to watch Korean medical dramas. It’s gone now of course and it was quite healing. Some ignited a passion of poems, the others made feel butterflies and I can promise you, it was a good feeling. I also realized that revenge is […]

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Asian drama review 2021 pt 1

So this year started with a bang and I want to thank God that I have a renewed love for tv shows again. This is a really good distraction for people who are looking to pass time and not watch news. I am a recovering news addict. I have actually disabled my google news feeds […]

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2020 in Asian dramas

My 2020 started on a sad note with so many deaths in the family but one thing remained constant and that is my love for dramas. O that is my escape and that really gets me in a happy place when I’m failing to get there by myself. The first two months of the year […]

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So i have been watching korean dramas since i was a teenager and i have just recently watched a C-drama and i fell in love. My first chinese production i watched was the one with EXO Chanyeol called So i married an anti-fan, well it was just a movie starring my bias from EXO so […]

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My top 10 korean drama list

What’s¬†wrong with secretary kim? Office romance? You would want to try it. This is definitely my most loved one , Park Seo Joon outdid himself on this one. I mean i have watched most of his movies and he is a freaking talented man. I’m so eagerly waiting for his next project. Secretary Kim was […]

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