Day 12 of gratitude month

Today I am so grateful for having BTS in this world. I have loved many artists over the years and I have never had something constant until I encountered BTS through Billboard YouTube channel and MAMA awards 2016. Well my life has never been the same. I kind of wish they would slow down for […]

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Dear Jimin

Thank you…. If i have not been too busy with other stuff i would have written this letter a long time ago. I believe in giving people their roses whilst they can still smell them. Today i would like to give you yours and this is sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Thank you […]

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One of my favorite things to do is to watch the sunrise or sunset. I have had so many opportunities in my life to do so and today is one of those days. The sun was setting so beautifully and i made a wish. I hope it comes true. 🙂 Sunrise represents the new beginnings […]

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All things BTS

A few hours before the release of a new album, i decide to write my first post of 2020. This year started on a bad note and i just wasn’t happy at all. But today I want to talk about my love for all things BTS and look back at their journey and mine with […]

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