Miss goodie two shoes

Confession mondays (5) Yep that’s me!!!! I know I have said before how I do not care for regrets in life, I honestly do not care for them but recently I came across something that really made me feel something that I never want to feel again. When I say I am a miss goodie […]

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Expressing gratitude

Yesterday was my birthday and i had a lovely time even though i was alone at home. I had virtual party with my family. They all showed up and i am so grateful we had such a great time. We danced the afternoon away to bops from NCT, BTS and Billie Eilish and even Psquare […]

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Painful memory

Today i want to off load some painful memories as part of my all things I left unsaid series and set myself free. You see, my memory is getting full these days such that i am failing to enjoy the here and now. I feel like i have been trapped so long in a nightmare, […]

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To my siblings

Dear My Siblings We might be siblings by birth or by fate, but today i wanted to appreciate you. I would like to thank you so much for your contributions in my life. You played major roles directly and indirectly. My story is incomplete without mentioning everyone of you. My story will never be remembered […]

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