Day 3 of gratitude

Today I am so grateful to my body. I am beyond grateful for my body has been awesome. This body is something else. This body holds me together everytime. I usually take it for granted but today allow me to just thank my body for it’s hardwork. My body has stuck to me for this […]

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Music Appreciation Month

If you know anything about me it better be the fact that i breathe,eat and sleep music. I use music for everything including studying and just my whole being is made of music. Except that i can not sing to save my life or play any instruments other than the african drum, ha ha i […]

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One of my favorite things to do is to watch the sunrise or sunset. I have had so many opportunities in my life to do so and today is one of those days. The sun was setting so beautifully and i made a wish. I hope it comes true. 🙂 Sunrise represents the new beginnings […]

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