Confession Mondays (2)

Hi, I am back again with my confession Mondays/ healing mondays if you prefer. So I have been taken by the phrase IKIGAI – so I am researching my purpose for life. Recently life has not been kind to me or maybe that’s just depression talking but I went from getting sick with the “flu” […]

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Note to self 1

Do not let the fears pf this world distract you from what is important, your journey is too important. Believing in God and His protection will make you stronger and to trust the process. He cares for you. Nomatter how different you feel know that you are unique and your story deserves to be given […]

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Day 27 of gratitude month

Today I am so grateful for a lot of things. The first being alive and well. I will never take this for granted. Last night I could not sleep so i was just awake until now. Its been more than 30 hours and i feel extremely tired. Usually i get brain electric like shocks if […]

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Day 26 of gratitude month

Today I am so grateful i found a petsitter. I am grateful that whenever I travel for my trips or if im going for a sleepover weekend Cookie has someone who can check on her. You probably rolling your eyes thinking but she is a cat. I have been told that already but she is […]

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Day 22 gratitude month

It’s day 22 of December and i have been trying to teach myself to be grateful. I would like to appreciate the journey and how my mind just automatically asks each day what we are grateful for. I acknowledge everything from the air that i breathe to the sun and the wind. I am grateful […]

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Day 21 of gratitude month

Today i am grateful for how far i have come and also how far I am going. I acknowledge the journey before me and if my past is an indication i guess I am heading for greatness. My graph has been growing slowly but surely. It has been steady and that is the most constant […]

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Day 17 of gratitude month

Today I am grateful for my health. I am healthy and strong and happy.When we started December this year i was still sick with the side effects of dropping antidepressants which still lingered even after 1 month. Now unless if i get stressed i do not feel any pain and I do not have brain […]

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Day 13 of gratitude month

Today I am so grateful for having a brother who loves me. We do not live close to each other. We grew up mostly separated first, because our mum passed away early and then when we got back together only to separate again after our dad passed away. Then we reunited when I was 15 […]

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Day 9 of gratitude month

Today I am beyond grateful to have friends in my life. In August of 2020 something happened to me that i am not able to discuss in detail. I was told not to say anything. Have you ever had a secret that someone forces you to keep when inside of you everything screams that i […]

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Day 6 of gratitude month

Today I am gtateful for the rains. We are in the rainy season now in southern Africa, and we have started to receive rains enough for planting. I am so thankful that the skies are opening up and hopefully we will harvest a lot for this season. We have had years of drought before, but […]

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